Suzuki trade Inc.
Zip code 537-0023
2-4-14 Tamatsu Higashinari-ku Osaka JAPAN
TEL : +816-6973-0681
FAX : +816-6973-3315

Suzuki Trade is happy to provide you with various kinds of products including Japan's popular fashion items and goods to interenational markets.
Suzuki Trade's strength lies in our exellent custmer service, strict quality control within our warehouse and professonal approach.
We have accumulated know-how in distribution markets over many years and utilize this expertise with the support of experienced staff, enabling us to assist every client with their individual needs.
Most of our products are popular categories including Japanese well-known brands ,
which are all sourced from JAPAN.
We will be able to offer items on your request bases.
We emphasis on establishing trust relationship with our customers and sincerely hope to deal with genuine clients.
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