Suzuki trade Inc.
Zip code 537-0023
2-4-14 Tamatsu Higashinari-ku Osaka JAPAN
TEL : +816-6973-0681
FAX : +816-6973-3315

Is it possible to negotiate the price?
  Yes. Please feel free to let us know your price range.
We will be happy to offer you the BEST price.
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How about the quality?
  Our used clothes are all GRADE A or more.
They are all sourced from Japan, which were produced according to the Japanese specifications and strict Japanese standards and chosen by demanding Japanese consumers.
What is the Minimum Order Quantity?
  Our minimum order quantity is 20ft (10-12tons)
We bale in 100kgs.
There will be 100-120bales in 20ft container.
Do you make a sample shipment?
  Yes. A box of samples will be sent to you by express courier to any countries.
Payment for samples must be advanced payment by TT remittance or PAYPAL.
What is the delivery time?
  It depends on the location, generally 2-4weeks after receipt of your payment.
What kind of payment method do you accept?
  We accept advanced payment by TT remittance or PAYPAL, or L/C.

If you have any further inquiries or requests, please feel free to contact us.
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